About Us



Peter Long, founder of the MN Suns, along with his family has had a love of basketball for many years. When Peter’s kids were old enough, they joined the world of AAU basketball, to expand and improve their skills. This was preparation to help them reach their dreams of playing high school and college basketball. However after a few seasons of sitting on the sidelines, Peter decided it was time to start his own program. That is how the MN Suns program was started. Our mission is simple: provide an environment where basketball players can develop and improve their skills in order to achieve their basketball dreams.

Starting in 2005 with two girls basketball teams today the MN Suns program has over 20 competitive teams and we are just getting started! While the jerseys have changed, the coaching staff has grown and the teams have multiplied, our mission is still the same: we coach and encourage all of our players to believe in themselves, their basketball dreams and goals, and develop leadership skills both on and off the basketball court. We look forward to sharing our love of the game with your family. Go Suns!


Peter Long  President and co-founder of the MN Suns - now he spends his days in pseudo-retirement but he can still be seen occasionally on the sidelines rooting for all of our Suns teams or on a bench with his daughters.

Sherilyn Long Co-founder, office manager, and the overall magic behind the MN Suns.

Lexi Houle (Long)  Director of Operations, specializing in behind-the-scenes work for our program in addition to coaching

Rachael Kaiser (Long)  Skills Academy trainer and player development director for 4th-7th grades, director for 4th-7th grade teams, and a coach. 

Abram Long The creative of the Long family, often helps with behind the scenes and our website.