Spring Showcase

2021 MN Suns Boys and Girls Spring Showcase - Rules

Games will be played under the National Federation High School (NFHS) rules, except for the following changes/additions/clarifications:


AAU Membership:

  • Only AAU members may participate. All personnel sitting on the bench must have an AAU athlete or non-athlete membership.


Game Timing / Timeouts / Overtimes:

  • Length of game:
    • 2028-2025: 14 minute halves
    • 2024-2021: 8 minute quarters with shot clock for 16U and 17U games
      • Consolation games may not have a shot clock
  • All games will be stop time. If the game margin is 20 points or more with 12 minutes or less in the game, the clock will go to running time. If the margin shrinks below 20, the clock will go back to stop time.
        • No pressing with a lead of 20 points or more in 4th and 5th grade games. 
  • Time outs: Each team shall receive (1) Full and (2) 30-Second timeouts per game.
  • Overtime: First overtime will be 2 minutes stop time. If the game is still tied, the 2nd overtime will be the first team to score two points. Each team will receive (1) additional 30 second timeout for the 1st overtime only. No additional time-outs will be granted if the game goes beyond the 1st overtime. Teams are allowed to carry-over time-outs from regulation to overtime and from 1st overtime to sudden death.
  • Forfeit Rule: A team must have 4 players to start a game. Referees shall not rule on a forfeit without first consulting a tournament or site director.
  • Warm up: A minimum of 4 minutes will be given for pregame warm up. Games may start early with mutual consent by both head coaches and both officials.
  • Halftime: Halftime will be 4 minutes. The site director may reduce halftime if the court is running behind schedule.

Fouls / Free Throws

  • Fouls: A player fouls out at 6 fouls. 1&1 free throws awarded on the 7th team foul of the half and (2) free throws awarded on and after 10 team fouls.
  • Free Throw Rebounding: On the release players may enter the lane. Shooters and other players behind the 3 point line may enter the lane as the ball touches the rim.
  • Any technical foul given to the head coach or assistant coach shall result in the head coach losing their coaching box privileges for the remainder of that game (seatbelt rule).
  • Since we are using volunteers as score-keepers, an error in the official book WILL NOT result in a technical foul.

Other Administrative Rules & Information:

  • HOME team is listed on the BOTTOM/SECOND on Tourney Machine (online) and will wear DARK jerseys.
  • AWAY team is listed on the TOP/FIRST on Tourney Machine (online) and will wear LIGHT jerseys.
  • Official Book: Each team will provide a scorekeeper for each game of the tournament. They will be provided a free wristband to work the scoreboard or score book at the score table.
  • Basketballs: Home team to provide an indoor game basketball (Size 28.5 for all levels). Must be Spaulding, Wilson, Baden, UA, Nike, or Adidas wide seam basketball. If Home team does not have one available, Away team can provide.
  • Sportsmanship: MN AAU recognizes the importance of sportsmanship in providing a competitive environment that is positive and fun! MN AAU keeps a file on each team/coaching staff and each game official. Disciplinary Action will be taken for those who display poor behavior!
  • Any protests must be done in written form through your club director to MN Suns Basketball Director, Dre Jefferson (Call or Text 612-384-2909); dre.jefferson@mnsuns.com

Tournament Contact Information:

  • Leading up to the event, questions should be sent to aogbemudia@gmail.com
  • During Event: Tournament Director - Ameh Ogbemudia (612-240-8399, Text message is best)